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Up to 90% of all performance problems are caused by a lack of information and feedback, according to Performance Management research

Appraisals are an important tool to drive business performance. If not handled properly and professionally staff appraisals can be a murky area, and if the appraisal system is ineffective and not KPI driven, it won’t be long before it affects bottom line profits. The challenge is to ensure the appraisal system is unbiased and effective, and the right decisions are made for the company’s growth and profitability in the future. Feedback should be included as part of a regular, on-going performance discussions throughout the year.

Where we come in

3WC solutions equip managers with tools to assess employees effectively and to provide constructive feedback that enhances performance. Our solutions identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and effectively evaluate the success of an individual which helps the company achieve its goals. With our 360-degree survey feedback solution, organizations can focus on receiving a fair evaluation of individuals and identify a successful skills-to-roles mapping.

Our Products:

360-degree Staff Assessments

Assessment Centre Development and Training

Assessment on Skills – Problem Solving, Interpersonal, Observation, Negotiation, Assertiveness, Analytical, Decision-making Skills, Performance, Competency Mapping and Training

Succession Plan Assessments

Train the Trainer Staff Selection and Assessments

Retail Training

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