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Coaching & Mentoring

60% of companies face leadership talent shortages which impede performance

Not placing enough emphasis on leadership development, places companies at risk of losing key employees that could add real value to the business and recruitment budgets incurring high replacement costs. A weak coaching system places company performance at risk and an inefficient second leadership tier taking on senior roles.

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers” – Ralph Nader

Where we come in

It is essential that a company has a form of mentoring schemes that need to be well thought out and managed to the specific needs of the company and the industry it operates in. The process must evaluate, identify and monitor the skills of the employees.

3WC helps you develop an integrated coaching culture, with a process that enables learning and development to occur in the leadership tiers to ensure overall performance improvement of the company. Our coaching solutions are task-oriented and performance-driven while our mentoring solutions are developed as relationship-oriented and development-driven for long-term benefits.

Why 3WC?

3WC Leadership & Coaching solutions help identify and assess effective leaders and skilled employees through advanced tools and techniques, and assist them to operate at peak performance levels required for growing their business towards greater success.

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