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HR Transformation

Empower your people to give their best

Are your people working at their fullest potential? Training and mentoring programmes customized to job roles will ensure that they do. Greater training hours correlate highly with retention rates and reduce the costs associated with high staff turnover. Upskilling of staff also leads to improved productivity and better staff engagement rates.

Whether it is for a team, a department or the entire organisation our training needs analysis approach will give you the momentum required.


Invest in your best assets

  • 75% of the workforce will be made of Millennials. 15% are already Managers
  • 80% of Millennials prefer on the spot recognition over formal reviews

For a rapidly growing organization, the HR function must remain a strategic contributor and not simply as an enabler.

In today’s corporate world, the HR department has become inundated with tactical tasks of running daily operations. As a result, it does not have time for strategic interventions to assist with transforming the company and preparing for future changes, such as the expanding Millennial workforce.

Inefficiencies such as excess workflows, waste and a disorganized HR function, are increasingly noticeable as a company expands and grows. Further, the absence of efficient HRIS systems and legacy HR systems and processes affects work efficiency.

Where we come in

3WC returns your HR department to its integral and critical role through the diagnostic of the specific HR gap in the company, and by creating effective HR strategies to address those issues to ensure the company is ready to operate a best-in-class HR operation in the long-term.

Over the years as companies become complex in structures and with the mix of millennials, communities and organizations may need specific HR strategies to ensure the smooth running of the business. Lack of appropriate or legacy competency and skills mapping hinders the balance between employee performance and meeting company objectives. Returning or realigning an HR department to its fundamental role to meet futuristic needs will lead to increased productivity, profitability, efficiency and employee satisfaction – core elements for continued business success.

Why 3WC?

3WC solutions help HR departments to grow organically by putting in place, strategic HR plans and or HR architecture. This streamlines the HR function, bringing together a holistic approach to better managing people and the organization.

Our solutions position the HR Department as a strategic contributor that creates value in the organization and in the eyes of the corporate management. It also shifts focus to an employee-centric culture where employees work with a proper sense of direction and ownership of purpose.

3WC facilitates world-class HR strategies and future-proof HR strategic planning. With our solutions, the HR department has better control of its functions through strategic audits, optimized structures and compensation scheme recommendations, skills mapped training and KPI assisted PMS (performance management systems) and meets the shift in employee needs and perceptions successfully.

3WC HR Transformation Solution Includes:

HR Audits, HRIS, HR Analytics

Coaching & Mentoring

Gen Y and Z Millennial Management

HR Work Systems, Policies, and Procedures

Job Evaluations, New Design Guide, and Specs

Competency, Psychometric Assessments Tracking, Managing Plateaued Employees

Leadership Capacity Development

PMS Development

Talent Acquisition & Retention Solutions

Corporate Values / Culture/DNA

Employee Branding

GPTW QWL /Climate Surveys

Benefit and Compensation Design

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