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Leadership Development

Mobilise talent, Build leaders

People are a company’s best asset. Are they your company’s too? Find out, with our Lean Human Resources toolkits.

  • Find your employees’ strengths – the right person for the right job
  • Grow the next generation of leaders – leave your business in capable hands
  • Balance Performance and Productivity with World Class Staff Engagement

46% lack processes to proactively identify potential leaders, lack of talent pipelining – Hudson Leadership Survey

Companies need to know how to re-engineer their management teams and stay on top of dynamic market conditions that affect their business. Corporate management needs to continuously stay agile to beat the competition and achieve corporate objectives.
Future-proofing your company’s competencies and skills in relation to the industry, and ensuring the organisation’s leadership is empowered to deliver on stakeholder expectations is essential survival.

Where we come in

With fierce competition and industry dynamics such as mergers and consolidations in today’s marketplace whilst having to take onboard new technological advances by an organisation’s management, its leadership needs to recognize the importance of embracing change.

The process is not an overnight change and needs preparation of developing its leadership teams to drive the company forward.

Not having an effective succession plan is a risk most companies face today. It is through the strength and guidance of the leader that a company thrives and like all aspects of continuous improvement for a company, leadership to needs support to grow.

The 3WC Consulting team and The Advisory Panel of Consultants consisting of a range of industries experts in their field of operations are equipped with the tools and techniques to consult, profile, select and coach future leaders in the company to become best-in-class performers and help the organization build a robust leadership platform.

Why 3WC?

The 3WC’s proprietary ‘Leadership and Management Development Programme (LMDP)’ is a proven Leadership development solution that has transformed many businesses here and internationally. Our Coaching and Mentoring Solutions facilitated together with the Assessment Development Centers and PDP programs help current and next generation of leaders towards achieving business success and enhanced personal performance.

3WC Leadership Transformation Solutions Include:

LMDP – Leadership Management and Development Program

Coaching & Mentoring (Mid- Senior Management)

Goal Setting and KPI Development

Leadership Competency Mapping & Succession Planning

THR Rejuvenation

Performance Management & Appraisals

Team Building and Motivation

Analytical Skills

Leadership Competency Development

Self-mastery/NLP/ Emotional Intelligence

Power Dressing

Stress Management

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