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07th December 2019

3WC conducted a customized training program which was referred to “Building High Performing Teams” for IDL, a company emerged as one of Sri Lanka’s leading corporates while establishing themselves as a manufacturer and importer of quality spirits.

IDL as an established liquor business and as the only hard liquor beverage manufacturer in Sri Lanka, launched the new financial year accompanied by the “Annual Conference” focusing on the sales and marketing employees. This conference was hosted with the objective of presenting new targets, discovering and reflecting on new methods which would facilitate and resolve the existing market challenges.

Therefore, in order to boost and enhance the morale and motivation of their teams, this intervention with 3WC was required. 3WC was invited to completely drive the employees of the teams towards an optimistic path followed by an attitudinal and mindset changing training program. This training program with IDL was an OUTWARD BOUND session which incorporated specific learning modules, competencies and simulation activities to facilitate the learnings while boosting the energy and enthusiasm. This program was concluded with success.