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18th April 2019




CEO’s and HR Heads – Are you realising the full potential of your managers?

Successful organizations help their employees to develop their personal and professional skills, either as managers in a management role or as aspiring managers. Managers who have the opportunity to continue their personal and professional growth in their workplace are proven to be more effective at their jobs, skilled at directing the work of other employees, and remain loyal to the organization.

Third Wave Consulting (3WC)’s Management Development Programmes provide a number of toolkits that enable organizations to upskill, mobilize, energize and thereby retain managerial talent. As an Enterprise Renewal and Change Specialist that has been working with blue chips and corporate organisations for over 21 years and a leader in corporate consultancy and training, we are adept at customizing solutions that fit with business requirements and supports your long-term strategic growth objectives. A recent intervention by 3WC for the Kingsbury Hotel Senior Management Team demonstrates how our bespoke approach comes to life.

As the saying goes, TGIF: Everyone loves Fridays! But how do we recalibrate employee mindsets to say TGIM: think the same way about Mondays? The Kingsbury Management Development Programme was all about enabling this shift: creating a positive mindset and developing a work environment that triggers enthusiasm to come to work.

3WC conducted this programme on the 27th and 28th of February 2019 to an audience of twenty senior managers of the Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo. The sessions consisted of a set of unique activities customised to celebrate individuality and to promote team bonding. The programme was delivered by Stefan Moraes, Managing Director 3W Group assisted by some members of our young and enthusiastic team of consultants..

The programme was a resounding success. Let’s look at what some participants said:

Training Manager : “ I can see visible differences in the way employees engage with each other”

Head of Culinary : “  It worked like Magic, If you’ll changed me then anybody can be

changed “

Sales & Marketing Manager: “ Since the day I joined Kingsbury I felt that my colleagues

are very fragmented and not open to ideas, this training turned things around. Thanks to

3W Consulting ! “


How could such a significant change be brought about in just two days? In actual fact, the two day programme was the culmination of a three month long process in which 3WC’s “Discover, Design, Deploy and Sustain” methodology was applied in preparation for the event itself. Leading activities involved participant profile screening and psychometric tests that provided the 3WC team with the necessary insights to deliver the programme in the most effective manner.

Why are 3WC uniquely different from other management consultancies?

 Our solutions are end to end customised according to client needs

 Our solutions are sustainable

 Our solutions are completely quality checked before they go into action

 A success analysis is carried out for every solution we design


Isn’t it time your managers experienced the Magic of TGIM?

Please contact us and we would be happy to help fulfill your management development needs.