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20th July 2021

Thought Leaders

3W Consulting is proud to host the “Thought Leaders” Program by the world class speaker Dr.Prakash Menon.

Thought Leaders is an immersive 12 weeks program will take you on a journey along which you will encounter aspects that are key to being an exemplary Groundbreaker. The program is cascaded to 09 intensive modules which are designed around the needs of business leaders from all types of organizations.

Prakash (PK) Menon is a global partner with Thought Leaders and founder of “FAIL SMART SCHOOL”.

The Journey:

  • Preparing to be an authentic 21st century leader by becoming a Thought Leader.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs about oneself and opening up the road to success, achieving goals and dreaming bigger. 
  • Positioning yourself as an authority – be known for knowing something not only in the company but also in the industry.
  • Mastering the art of strategic thinking by capturing, packaging, positioning and selling your thoughts.

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