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Operations Transformation

Deliver quality, every time

Process exceptions are costly. They can cost you money. They can cost you your customers. They also cost time, because your teams should be delivering service excellence, not fire-fighting in the back office. Standardized processes ensure that your teams deliver efficient, quality service to your customers. Every time. Let us put your processes back on track, and experience the difference.


Doing things right

60-70% failure rate for organizational change projects due to ineffective and unsustainable knowledge transfer.

Globalization has increased the pressure on companies to deliver with speed and efficiency. As companies strive to become super-efficient and manage demanding customers, they often neglect the agile organization transformation required that can move with the times and do so profitably.

Where we come in

3WC’s Lean experts assist organizations with less cost, waste, production times, increased flexibility, reduced inventory and better time-to-market. Our experts will analyses your industry and help you mitigate risk to implement an ideal operational solution that is suited your specific organization. 3WC will help organizations see the effect of silo-based operations and what it needs to do to deliver an efficient operation that has in-built ROI to the business.

At the center of an efficient operations department is the ability of the operations manager to communicate effectively with all internal and external stakeholders. Another challenge is the lack of proper systems that monitor the acceptable time frames and productivity between demand for the product and the quality.

Why 3WC?

3WC’s Operational Transformation consultancy solutions using Lean experts focuses on continuous improvements and optimizing performance factors which increase quality, performance and output. We focus on the root cause(s) rather than on the symptoms.

3WC Operations Transformation Solutions Includes:

Service Process Mapping and Optimization

Productivity Audits

Inventory Management JIT


Lean, Design, Thinking & Innovation


ISO standards Capacity Building and Audits

TQ, Kaizan, CFT / QC’s

TCT and Process Re-engineering


Preventive Maintenance

O & M Studies, Work Study

Supply Chain Integration

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