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As businesses expand and grow, it can be a challenging process to identify, recruit, motivate and sustain the right employees for the right job. Developing and motivating employees is an integral part of the corporate organization and the challenge is to sustain peak performance levels amidst dynamic and changing business environments.

Managing the generation ‘millennial’; consisting of the majority of most workforces today, has become a challenge for HR departments. Organizations that do not invest in change and developing performance levels of staff with sufficient career path training will incur high recruitment costs and wasted training resource investments.

The Management too must set a clear vision for the company and each work group. It cannot grow if there are multiple work priorities and no clear standards on priorities assigned to employees. An ineffective legacy Performance Management System (PMS) that cannot measure performance can further complicate matters.

Where we come in

3WC Training solutions are customized to the individual and the organization. Our training programs are focused on uplifting corporate performance and increasing the individual’s contribution towards the business.

Ultimately the training delivers on achieving objectives set by its management teams and 3WC assists in creating effective communication between the top management and its employees to create strategic synergy within the company.

Why 3WC?

Our training solutions install ‘new thinking’ inside the organization which helps employees with their performance goals, which in turn creates a performance based culture.

The solutions also include work-life balance strategies and a tailored mindset change program that create a motivated workforce geared towards achieving corporate goals.

3WC will help you implement effective KPI driven performance monitoring systems that improve company efficiencies.

3WC Training Solutions Include:

Management & Leadership Training

Team, Departmental Performance and Train The Trainer

Personal & Individual Peak Performance Training

Self-Mastery & Mindset Management

Goal Setting, Prioritizing, Time Management

Speech Craft & Presentation Skills, Writing and Listening Skills

Creativity, Innovation, Visioning

The Black Belt in Retail Training – Accreditation by The Retail Academy

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