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Service Transformation

  • By the year 2020 customer service will beat out price and product as the key brand differentiator – Walker Info
  • 60% of organizations see that customer service will be the top source of competitive differentiation in the next three years

In a world where technology and large budgets can produce like for like products and where new competitors can outperform any business in a number of weeks, ‘Service’ can be a true differentiator and a critical success factor for your business.

For any company, outdated service standards and deteriorating service quality can have a long-term effect on the productivity and profitability of the company, as a high investment in repetitive training will drain the organization and its productivity.

Solution Benefit to Clients

The standardized service programmes offered in the market are not tailored to your organization and therefore are not effective in helping individual employees to achieve their best capacity. Most market programmes out there do not address front-line service delivery issues related to your specific industry or the pain points of your specific customer segment being served.

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.” – Tom Peters

3WC creates a unique Service Transformation architecture suited to your business that differentiates the face of your organization and its service offering to its customers and stakeholders.

We create strategic service solutions that allow organizations to sustain the new service standards in the long-term and without reoccurring servicing costs. Great customer service keep customers happy and uplifts corporate reputations, and for a business and when you do it right the first time, you don’t have to fix it the next time!

Why 3WC?

As a pioneer Service Transformation Consulting firm and thanks to our 20 years of experience in multiple sectors, we are experts in developing service strategies that are imprinted to a company’s service culture and tailored to gain the best benefits out of the industry it operates in. This is done by our specific tools and techniques that we have developed that create service standards maintained through long-term saving costs, training resources and bottom line profits.

3WC Service Transformation Solution Includes:

Service Standards Development

Service Culture Change and Integration

Market & Competitive Bench Marking

Service Capacity Optimization

Service Measures, KPI Development and Gap Reports

Service Recovery and Risk

Service Mystery Audits

Service Process Mapping

Service Streamlining (Automation – Lean – Production Audits)

Service Innovation & Re-engineering

Service in Sales Delivery

Service Life Cycle Management (SLM)

Service Value Chain Consultancy

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